Friday, 1 June 2012

School's out. Does that make me an adult?

On the 11th June 2012 at around 4pm a girl will walk out of a door, that doesn’t sound particularly strange really. Except that girl is me and when I walk out of that door (which happens to be one of those weird round automatic ones at my college) I will no longer be a journalism student at Harlow College. I will have handed in my last unit of coursework, said goodbye to my teachers (who, despite all my moaning I actually quite like) and be facing a summer of procrastinating until I go to university in September.
In total I’ve been to three schools in my life. My first school taught me to read, write, count, add and possibly most importantly introduced me to pokemon, yoyo’s and heads up, thumbs down. My second school taught me about chemical elements and funny rhymes to remember them, the formation of rocks and how to make a pizza from scratch. That school also taught me that I wanted to be a journalist (really they couldn’t have done that a year earlier and saved me a lot of A level work?). Then finally, I went to college. Honestly, I loved the first few days but the novelty of no uniform and macs instead of computers soon wore off and I missed all my friends. I remember several times thinking ‘its only two years. You can get through it.’ But now I have just a week left at college – I’m can’t stand the thought of leaving.
College taught me how to use different computers, photoshop and indesign and all those fancy programs but it also really brought me out of my shell. It was the first school I went to where I knew absolutely no one in my class and was forced to make my own friends (or be deemed that girl who talks to herself in the corner). So I made friends and honestly they’re pretty amazing. I’m lucky to be going to university with 3 of them but the ones I’m leaving behind I’m hating the thought of leaving. Honestly, despite learning all the important stuff and having all the milestones at my old schools, it’ll be college I miss the most. This is where I’ve started to learn who I am on my own. I had to leave a school where’d I’d known everyone for at 8 years (at least!) and go out and meet people on my own. Apparently, I was quite a good judge of character as my two groups of friends get on like they’ve known each other for years (they all met 4 months ago)
But now I realise that despite all my wishing, my life is not like a movie. There won’t be some slow yet triumphant music playing in the background and we won’t all fade into the distance as the screen fades to black. Apparently, I actually have to do something else other than education?! Well, technically I don’t because I’m going to university. But its not the same. There won’t be someone checking that I’m doing work in my lecture and not sitting playing solitaire on my laptop, no one is going to sit in my room and check I’ve done the reading or finished that essay, let alone cook me proper food and wash my clothes for me. Does leaving college make me an adult? Because if it does, I’m glad I wasted a year by going to sixth form. What happens after education anyway? Do I suddenly have the mindset of an adult and start worrying about mortgages and the forever fluctuating state of the FTSE 100? I don’t even know how to organise my washing or set up a direct debit. At least university will be interesting.

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  1. Nicks that was an awesome read, really well wrote and how could you not like college it was the best, mainly cause I was there, to that point how could you not mention me by name, I am a bit of an internet celebrity, if you would have mentioned me your site would have crashed.
    But seriously that was really well done and I feel exactly the same, its gonna suck to leave, but at least we have a sort of comfort blanky in us both going the same place.
    Long story short, your awesome and I loved this post.

    1. Ha thanks Ollie. Sorry I didn't mention you in person I don't want my blog to become the next big thing just yet - I've only had it 4 days!