Monday, 4 June 2012

Meet Esther!

Ok, so when I made this blog a few days ago I talked about leaving college and apparently somewhere in that post I said that college were the best days of my life. I don't remember this but one of my best friends Esther was insulted by this so I said I'd make a post about her. 

Here it is.

Me and Esther - 2007 (I think...)
I don't really know what she wanted me to write about so I'll just tell you how we met. Esther and I officially met for the first time when we were 11 and started secondary school. We were in the same form but didn't talk much at first. Then in the end of year 8 (second year) and start of year 9 we became close and the rest is pretty much history! Whenever me and Esther (I call her eds) hang out alone we always end up letting our imaginations run away fromus and we end up creating these hypothetical stories about things that are going to happen. This is pretty much all we did in sixth form. So when we were meant to be in the library revising and such, we were atctually walking to town, going to Domino's to get pizza and walking back to sixth form in time for lunch and making up these stories on the way. 

Me and Esther share love for a lot of the same things. Some examples include Tyler Hilton, David Tennant and anything to do with Doctor Who. We also share a fear of blackbirds after being chased to sixth form by a rather large flock of them. But that's a long story. 

To end this post I would like to clarify that while college has been the best thing for me in terms of growing up and getting into university, my secondary school and sixth form years will always be the best. I grew up there, I made most of my life long friends there and Esther is just one of them. Much love for this girl. xxxxxx

(From L to R) Me, Esther, Emma and Sarah at prom - 2011

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