Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Beauty products: How the obsession started...

If you ask my family or friends what I spend most of my money on they'll say alcohol and beauty products. They'll say alcohol because I'm 18 and we go out a lot but they'll also tell you that I have an obsession with buying and testing out beauty products and make up. This is how the obsession started.

When I was 16 I got a job in Boots. For those who don't know, Boots is a British chemist and drug store which sells everything from plasters to nappies and expensive make up and perfumes. I worked on the tills by the make up counters and was in charge of any queries customers had for make up, skin care and hair care. This meant that I quickly learnt how to match products to different skin types and which products were good for sensitive skin. Three months later I was given my staff discount card and I started buying products that customers recommended or that were popular to try them out. It started with nail varnish, then eye shadows, then foundation and mascara and then I went on to skincare - buying make up remover then skin clearing products and moisturisers. Finally I moved onto various shampoos and conditioners, heat protectors and styling sprays. Now I have boxes full of products - if only I'd thought of doing product reviews a few years ago! Now I know quite a bit about techniques and the science behind it all - I never thought I'd know this much about make up and the collection is still growing!

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