Monday, 4 June 2012

Really Topshop? Really??

I am a HUGE topshop fan but this seriously puzzles me.
They have quite a wide range of styles in store which I love. Dresses and skirts perfect for girly girls as well as jeans and baggy shirts for a more casual look but what would you wear this with?!? I really don't understand where you would wear this or how? Honestly it reminds me of those things toddlers wear to stop them running away. It's basically a lead for a human. And to top it all off it costs £40!! Yes it's real leather but it's also got the same name as something you wear when you jump out of a plane!

To be fair to Topshop, I've seen a few things similar in other shops and I know they have to appeal to a wide audience but I don't think I've ever been so puzzled by a piece of clothing. Is this daring fashion now? I think it's just madness but maybe I'm just too sheltered to appreciate the fashion statement (thank god!)

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