Monday, 4 June 2012

Events of the day - 3rd June 2012

Today started off pretty average to be honest. Woke up at 10 (I can't physically sleep later than half 10?!), put my lazy/ at home clothes on (leggings and my favourite checked shirt), tied my hair up in a giant plait and got on with college work. I took a break in the middle and attempted to make a wishlist post but it failed miserably!

Anyway, my sister and dad went to get my mum from work and I started to get ready to go to dinner with my friends. I was meeting Esther, Sarah, Kate, Tom, Ollie and Ryan to go to Nando's for dinner. The eratic weather of England is really tormetning me at the minute! I want to be able to wear my summery dresses, playsuits and sun tops but the sun wasn't out today and we had the usual grey rainy climate of England again! So I opted for a black skirt with my vintage style sailor girl top and my sailor cardigan with my trusty Tiffany necklace. Anyway, I continued getting ready and my dad dropped me off at Nando's. I will never get bored of Nando's!! Today I had the medium heat burger with chips - so pretty average but always yummy :). After Nando's we headed to Ryan's house where we all had a good chat until Ryan's dad came home drunk and started dancing to Rick Astley like a pro (best drunk ever!). 

Anyway, sorry about the kinda boring post. Hopefully tomorrow will have something more eventful in store! 

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