Friday, 24 August 2012

My name is Nicole. I am a Potter nerd.

Ok so I haven't done anymore uni diaries recently mainly because all I've been doing for it is preparing and buying things but as soon as there is more I'll write another blog. I spent today at home and decided to check the 'anytime' feature on my sky box and found that they have just put Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on there. When I was growing up I was a massive fan of the series. I went to the shop at midnight when the books were released and read them all very quickly, I saw all the films as soon as they were released and came to appreciate them all the more when I got older and realised how good the writing was and how the stories and characters matured as the series continued. I realised this when I wanted to be a writer but anyway! This film was released last year, 2 days after my 18th birthday and I always intended to go and see it in the cinema but I just got carried away with all the celebrations and didn't get round to it. I then watched it online a while ago but the quality was pretty terrible. After watching it today I have been reminded of how much I love the series. I'm thinking of having a Harry Potter movie marathon with my friends at some point and I'm going to attempt to dig out my copy of the books so I can read them again :) anyway that's all for now! x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Uni Diary: Day 5

Today's the first day I haven't done much for uni since results day. I went to town and bought a few bits but that was it. I went to open my student account but they said I can't do it yet so I'm doing that on Monday hopefully. But my nan came over and I showed her all the bits I bought for uni which was nice. Can't wait to get accommodation sorted now! Anyway I'm going shopping for the last uni bits tomorrow and when I've got everything I might do a haul of everything :) Until tomorrow! x

Friday, 17 August 2012

Uni Diary: Day 4

I have spent all of today reading through all of the stuff the university has sent me and organising everything that I can as soon as possible. It only really sunk in this morning that I actually get to go to the university I want! They sent me something that said 'Welcome to Bournemouth - your new home' and that's when I realised I actually get to live there!! I think I'm honestly still a bit overwhelmed by it all and it's slowly sinking in. More updates tomorrow!

Uni Diary: Day 3 (Results!!!)

Ok so yesterday was results day! I'm sorry this post is late but I was soooo busy. Me and two of my friends are going to the same university so they came over to mine so we could go on UCAS and everything together. And we all got in! In September I'm going to Bournemouth University to study multimedia journalism. I'm so thrilled to actually get to go to my first choice university! Yesterday I applied for my accommodation as well and have already heard that I got into the one I picked! I got my welcome pack in the post yesterday with all the information about freshers too! Now I just need to sort everything out so I'm ready to move to Bournemouth!

Uni Diary: Day 2

Results day is tomorrow!! I went out with my mum today and got some more things for uni but I've been nervous all day! I already know my results but just want everything to go smoothly tomorrow. I'm lucky enough to be going to uni with 2 of my friends so they're coming to my house for 8am (when UCAS opens) so we can apply for accommodation and everything together. Here's hoping everything goes to plan!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Uni Diary: Day 1

Days to go: 34 (approx.)

I've got just two days until my university place is officially confirmed! I'm really excited and just feel generally ready to go now so I've decided to do a countdown of the last month of university preperations.