Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Uni Diary: Day 1

Days to go: 34 (approx.)

I've got just two days until my university place is officially confirmed! I'm really excited and just feel generally ready to go now so I've decided to do a countdown of the last month of university preperations.
I won't announce which university or course I'm going to be attending yet just because I don't wanna tempt fate. I got my certificates with my final grades in the post this week and I'm very happy to announce that I got 3 A's! I never thought that I would get grades that I would be so happy with but considering there's been a lot of other stuff going on in my life over the past two years I figured I would just about pass but I am genuinely over the moon with my results. I had to make a copy of these to send off to my first choice university so I can get a scholarship for 'academic achievement' and now all I have left to do is wait for everything to be officially confirmed on UCAS then I can apply for accommodation in halls and get ready to move away! I've already been shopping once with my parents and got most of my kitchen stuff and a few other basics I just need to get bedding and decorations to make my room feel more cosy. It's so weird that I only have 2 days until results are confirmed! I think decorating my room is going to be the tricky bit because everyone has been telling me to get posters but my taste in movies and music changes quite a lot so I don't think that's the best idea for me. I'll have to go shopping and hope to find something! Anyway that's it for now!

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