Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weight Watching

About 2 months ago my family had the annual 'it's nearly summer' scare and started a health kick. We do this every year and normally, for me it doesn't stick. I really lack motivation when it comes to being healthy and exercising and this is definitely not helped by the fact that all my friends are those people who can eat all the nice, unhealthy food and never gain any weight!
Anyway, this year we decided that we needed to actually weigh ourselves so we could see where we were health wise. We have never had scales in my house so my Dad went out and bought some for us and we found a website that allowed you to monitor your weight and your food intake and work out how many calories you consumed. Now, six weeks later I've lost 12 pounds. I still have some way to go but I feel better already! I've pretty much been eating the same, I just cut down on unhealthy snacks and made a few changes to my diet. I also started walking to college more which has really helped too. I still want to lose at least another stone but we'll see how it goes I guess! I'll keep you updated and might even make a few posts about some healthy snacks me and my sister make! 

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