Sunday, 21 October 2012

Life - You Are On Hold

So I've been at university for just over a month now and I'm finally feeling pretty settled. I get on with my flatmates, I have friends in my classes, I haven't died from food/ alcohol poisoning yet and I been run over by the crazy cyclists yet. Overall, a raging success. There's just one small problem. My friends are coming to visit. That's not the problem, I can't wait for them to visit but it does mean that I need to do loads of work now, in order to clear it off my to do list before they get here. An example? Well this is my to do list for today:

  • Background on 'journalist' for feature
  • Write 700 word 'journalist' feature
  • Research Mitt Romney's and Barack Obama's education policies
  • Organise notes from lectures
  • Shorthand (tasks from ch. 6,7 &8)
  • Research Media, Journalism and Society assignment
  • Media Law reading
I'm going to point out a few things. It's 1pm right now. I'm running out of time! Also, you may notice the use of 'journalist'. I have contacted an actual journalist. A good one, but I don't want to jinx anything really.
So right now my life is on hold. I have until Friday to get all this done but I'll get more assignments throughout the week too. Joy! Luckily, the first few months are the busiest so I'll get a break soon!
Goodbye for now!

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