Sunday, 16 September 2012

Uni Diary: The Grand Arrival!

I am writing this post from my new home. Bournemouth! Yesterday was my arrivals day and we were told to arrive between 3 and 5pm so we packed up the car (just about squeezing all my stuff in my dad's car) and arrived in Bournemouth at about 4pm.
Ryan, Sarah and Ollie were already here so they helped me bring some stuff to my room and then me and my parents unpacked everything. My parents took me out for dinner then we walked back to my room and said our goodbyes. I then had a quick shower (I have an en suite!! ) and got ready to go out, we went to Ryan's flat as he was on his own and had some drinks and I came back to my room at about half 2 this morning. I'm still getting used to everything and getting settled - as I type this my flatmates are unpacking but we're all going out tonight so hopefully that'll break the ice a bit. They all seem lovely though! Clubbing really isn't my thing but its a vital part of freshers and everyone seems so pumped about it! It can't be that bad! I'll post pictures of my room eventually but it needs tidying a bit. 

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